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Get Your MBA in One Year from UGC, MHRD & GOVT Approved University.

mba in one year

Hello! Working Professionals and Restricted or Failed Graduates! To help the carrier, you want to complete your incomplete and unfinished degree. Now a day, every person earns every diploma and degree in one year from UGC, and the government has approved the university.

We are India’s most famous distance education center. We are in relations with the lat of universities and open universities accepted by AICTE, UGC, DEC and MHRD, polytechnics from various states across India. We offer student guidance on how to adapt distance learning and how to write test and career guidance. We have instructions for failed students and discontinue how to pass the test and how to enter the courses.

Most of India candidates do not finish B.A., B.com, BBA, BCA, BSC IT, and many more after completing their 10 + 2 (HSC) degree course. There is a minority of Indian students. 

Some students have been enrolled in work-based courses after high school, others have left the state in search of jobs, some have graduate courses, and others have been admitted to the course after only a year due to financial problems and a lack of time.

They understand that becoming a graduate is very important in terms of advancement for their career and professional growth. Even if they choose to complete university education such as MBA and E-MBA, graduation in any field is the minimum eligibility requirement.

Finally, when any student chooses to start their training, they will find several choices for courses and universities from various institutes and universities in Delhi for a one-year fast-track degree and graduation.

From the viewpoint of students, most do not have a degree in a year because the degree is a three-year course, and it should be completed during the same tenure. You begin to find out whether this form of qualification is valid in one year or not. Don’t worry, people, and we’re here to address your issue and fix all their misgivings.

If a candidate has not completed a degree and faces issues with having a job or review in their current job, they will graduate with their Masters or Bachelor in only one year. You must be registered for a one year distance education program for a single final exam covering all year/semester.

After their 12th grade test, students or professionals who must cease their studies may apply for a one- year course. You may use a credit transfer/side entrance mode by appearing in one location for all previous year/semester reviews.

The graduates of UGC / AIU / MHRD / DEB / AICTE accredited universities and colleges can obtain careers in top micro-companies and the public sector who are pursuing their degree certificates or postgraduate qualifications by just appearing in the course of one exam.


| MBA In Rural Management
| MBA In Financial Management
| MBA In Operation Management
| MBA In Marketing Administration
| MBA In Human Resource Management


| MBA In Rural Management
| MBA In Financial Management
| MBA In Operation Management
| MBA In Marketing Administration
| MBA In Human Resource Management



We authorized through Company Act 1956. We provide Management, IT, Engineering, Medical, Technical and Conventional courses leading to Graduation and Postgraduate degrees and diplomas. Such as BA, BCOM, BSC, BBA BCA, BTECH, MA, MCOM.MSC, MBA, MCA, MTECH, and others.

We also provide regular, distance & online courses through UGC, MHRD, and government-approved universities. We have more than 500 programs. We are ready to commit to every student’s growth and create a safe atmosphere to pursue higher education at an affordable rate.

We invite anyone who shares our vision to create a new team of professionals who will contribute to the development of this period of economic liberalization and globalization.


The Important Advantages of MBA in One Year for Students: 

We at DIOS are one of the online forums that are most student-friendly. We have dissected every educational framework with our experienced team of academics and educators and found ways to succeed in each one.

We have forged distinct educational ways with utmost care to concentrate on the strengths of the students and help them succeed in each one. Just as there are different ways of celebrating the same day for the other parts of the country; they also have different educational systems in each.

We at DIOS evaluated them so that we could figure out how to succeed in each of these structures. We have our centers in, and with the support of, sixteen different states in the country; we can say our outreach is broad and large. Here are the unique advantages that students will have if they joined our global outlook programme.

  • For parents, teachers and students, we will have a free online consultation.
  • We will direct students to meet their talents, shortcomings and strengths.
  • We will also teach them how to turn their weaknesses into strengths, and then use them in how that would help their career prospects.
  • We make it possible for students from a privileged background to enrol in our vocational courses so that they can pursue their career path.
  • We also assist students in corroborating their studies with foreign institutions and provide them with career advice in applying to the right institutions and obtaining scholarships for such an international programme.
  • We assist students in obtaining fees for multiple universities.
  • Since we have contacts with some of the most prominent and prosperous colleges, universities, training institutes, and distance learning areas, the students enrolled with us and in these institutions or schools can be monitored easily.
  • We have numerous mentors who have been chosen with the utmost consideration to meet every student’s needs. Because each student has various moods, we will help ensure that the mentors can explicitly guide what each child needs in their career path.
  • We evaluate the competitive business scene and include the patterns for the students that would be better suited.
  • We also have a career portal that is available and periodically updated to keep the students aware of the new opportunities in their arena.

We Retain New Updates for Students.

There are also ever-changing competitive tests. The trends continue to evolve, new issues may be including, and dates and places may also continue to change. As a consistent online site, we make it a point to keep students aware of the latest activities on the circuit.

Our online platforms connect your institutes and colleges, who keep providing this information. Our management team is responsible for preserving relevant and appropriate details on the most up-to-date qualifications and admission to foreign institutes.

We Make the Journey Abroad Easier for a Student.

Some students plan to visit and pursue their careers abroad. It is not easy to consider admissions in international universities. In particular, because most of them have very strict admission procedures that make it much more difficult for Indian students admitted to these premier colleges.

Our staff will advise the students through these procedures: from the relevant tests to the good essays and suggestions for the committee in the form of Ba, BCOM, BBA and MA, MCOM, MSC, MBA, etc. We have developed our skills to make it very possible for a student.

24*7 Online Student Supports.     

As a means of contact, we at DIOS banked heavily on the Internet. As a response, we have our teams offering online assistance to anyone-teachers, parents and students on any their queries.

Answer your questions and be at your assistance, our online tech support is available 24 * 7. We have chat platforms in which the users can ask questions and get back to them as quickly as possible.

Our consultants also provide online support and guidance on different acceptance processes for schools and institutes. They will direct you on the best way to proceed with the admission process due to their tremendous expertise in other entry systems.

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